External Test

About this Test
This type of testing assesses the extent to which visible customer servers or devices, including the DNS server, Mail servers, Web-servers and firewalls may be vulnerable to potential hacking. The external testing determines whether an external attacker can penetrate the system and how far he can go in gaining access. Our customer receives the assessment of information system security upon completion of the testing. The stages include scanning, hacking planning, exploitation of vulnerabilities.

How to Order
To perform this test our customer provides their relevant company particulars, including name/address of external services (websites, email, file services) and completes the table we will send after the order submission.

Project duration: 3 working weeks

External Test Scope and Stages


  • Port Scanning
  • Determination of applications
  • Determination of operating systems
  • Identification of network routers and firewalls
  • The search for vulnerabilities (automated scanning and manual analysis)

Hacking Planning:

  • Analysis of the information received
  • Scenarios development of hacking information system
  • Development and modification of the exploits
  • Preparation of the necessary pen testing tools

Exploitation of Vulnerabilities:

  • Verification and investigation of vulnerabilities
  • Conducting attacks at the components of IT infrastructure
  • Passwords tuck up
  • Determination of applications interaction
  • Confirmation of identified vulnerabilities
  • Collection of evidence

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