Express Blind Test

About this Test
This type of rapid penetration testing is aimed at hacking visible customer servers or devices, including DNS servers, Mail Servers, Web-servers and Firewalls. The task is to search for vulnerabilities and quickly estimate the level of possible cyber security risk for a particular company. Upon completion of the testing, the customer receives a report on the assessment of the security of information systems.

Upon completion of all stages of this test, we prepare reporting documents. We provide a detailed report as well as a presentation for our customer.

Project duration: 5 working days

Express Blind Test Scope and Stages

Collecting Publicly Available Information:

  • An analysis of public information about the organisation
  • Study of basic information about the network infrastructure
  • Social network analysis
  • Analysis of vacancies, CV’s on HR-sites
  • Analysis of the technical forums
  • Port Scanning
  • Determination of applications
  • Determination of operating systems
  • Identification of network routers and firewalls
  • The search for vulnerabilities (automated scanning and manual analysis)

Preparation of Reporting Documents:

  • Preparation of a report and presentation

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