Blind Test

About this Test
This type of testing simulates a real hacker attack, who only knows the name of the company. A real intruder usually operates in such a way. The test result is complete information about the current level of information system (IT infrastructure) security. Upon completion of the testing our customer receives an assessment of information system security. This is the most complete penetration testing type offered by Intecracy International.

Upon completion of all stages of this test, we prepare reporting documents. We provide a detailed report as well as a presentation for our customer.


Project duration: 4 working weeks

Blind Test Scope and Stages

Collecting Publicly Available Information:

  • An analysis of public information about the organisation
  • Study of basic information about the network infrastructure
  • Social network analysis
  • Analysis of vacancies, CV’s on HR-sites
  • Analysis of the technical forums

Scanning and Hacking Planning:

  • Port Scanning
  • Determination of applications and operating systems
  • The search for vulnerabilities (automated scanning and manual analysis)
  • Scenarios development of hacking information system

Exploitation of Vulnerabilities:

  • Verification and investigation of vulnerabilities
  • Conducting attacks at the components of IT infrastructure
  • Passwords tuck up
  • Determination of applications interaction
  • Confirmation of identified vulnerabilities
  • Collection of evidence

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