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Intecracy International Limited (Intecracy International) is focused on ensuring IT Security and Cyber Security. Its Australian customers benefit from Intecracy International’s consulting on information security management systems (ISMS) implementation, data encryption and encrypted communications based on International Standards (AES, DES, RSA cryptosystem, etc.).

Intecracy International offers services related to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software implementation, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software products, endpoint security, network security and security management ‘in cloud’, etc.

All services are provided in collaboration with Intecracy Group, which adheres to the ISO 27001:2013 information security management standards.

One of the most important, useful and exclusive tools we are offering in order to ensure the highest level of our customers' Cyber Security is penetration testing.

The main goal of penetration testing is to confirm or deny the extent of possibility of unauthorised access to protected information using discovered vulnerabilities. Our experts imitate a real hacking activity to find out if the organisation is capable of defending itself against such an attack. Our customers receive detailed reports specifying all identified risks and vulnerabilities. We advise our customers how to improve the tested organisation's security level.

Internal Test

The internal test provides an estimation of the attacker’s capabilities with authorised limited access to the corporate network with standard privileges. This test is very useful when it comes to understanding how weak an internal IT infrastructure is, or how much damage could be done by an unsatisfied employee or a hostile intruder.
The customer receives the assessment of information system security upon completion of the testing.

Project duration: 3 working weeks

External Test

This type of testing assesses the extent to which visible customer servers or devices, including the DNS server, Mail servers, Web-servers and firewalls may be vulnerable to potential hacking. The external testing determines whether an external attacker can penetrate the system and how far he can go in gaining access. Our customer receives the assessment of information system security upon completion of the testing. The stages include scanning, hacking planning, etc.

Project duration: 3 working weeks

Blind Test

This type of testing simulates a real hacker attack, who only knows the name of the company. A real intruder usually operates in such a way. The test result is complete information about the current level of information system (IT infrastructure) security. Upon completion of the testing our customer receives the assessment of information system security. This is the most complete penetration testing type offered by Intecracy International.

Project duration: 4 working weeks

Express Blind Test

This type of rapid penetration testing is aimed at hacking visible customer servers or devices, including DNS servers, Mail Servers, Web-servers and Firewalls. The task is to search for vulnerabilities and quickly estimate the level of possible cyber security risk for a particular company. Upon completion of the testing, the customer receives a report on the assessment of the security of information systems.

Project duration: 5 working days

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