Cloud Migration

Be more flexible, secure and mobile

A replacement of outdated old-fashioned data centers with public and hybrid clouds can make the whole business much more efficient. 

Your working process can become more flexible, secure and mobile. 

An increasing number of companies are changing over to new systems. However the incorrectly perceived pressure and difficulties connected with the migration process still make this step seemingly inaccessible for too many organisations. The migration of huge data amounts can also involve risks due to various factors (for example, possible interruptions). You need to have a reliable technical support to complete this task. 

Intecracy International helps its customers to deal with the issues and minimize risks related to cloud migration process to avoid delays with their current projects.

Feel free to order the following services

  • Migration to AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud
  • Migration to Azure
  • Re-hosting
  • Architecture, design and configuration of new environment

No delays with Intecracy International

How can Intecracy International help you avoid delays? Intecracy International uses the whole automated process utilizing the top-notch tools and technologies developed and carefully tested by the certified experts of Intecracy Group. Cloud migration is a difficult but important step which can improve the effectiveness of your business.

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