Corporate Voting

Cloud based service for a corporate voting process

What is Corporate Voting System?

Corporate Voting System (CVS) is a solution that streamlines and simplifies the voting process for shareholders, members, directors as well as for corporate secretarial service providers.

Based on the latest innovative digital technologies, CVS can be customised to meet any organisation’s requirements. It allows to increase the number of shareholders and members who vote, offering convenient and smart voting process.

You can now vote from any device and at any place – no more barriers to casting your vote.

About the system

CVS is designed to transform the voting processes at general and other meetings. It simplifies the distribution of corporate voting documents and proposed resolutions and speeds up the process and logistics of document signing, supporting DocuSign based technology.

CVS will improve efficiency and save costs due to analytical reporting of votes cast on a resolution whether personally or by proxy.

Corporate Voting System features and benefits:

  • Cost savings – CVS reduces costs and simplifies logistics of meetings and voting.
  • Increased flexibility in managing meetings – CVS provides for visibility and control of meetings.
  • Improved shareholder’s voting experience and saved time – CVS supports scheduled online and real-time meetings. No need to waste time to travel to the meeting – just vote at any place and from any device.
  • Enlarged audience – CVS easily accommodates the remote voters, enabling to increase the number of votes cast.
  • Multi-language – CVS fully supports multiple languages for applications and data. The interface and data language is chosen by the user, allowing simultaneous work with the users in different languages.
  • Performance and scalability – CVS provides for high level of performance of up to 5,000 concurrent users, 100,000 documents per month, with 10TB document storage using a single low-end server. Scalability is linear.
  • User authentication mechanisms – CVS enables you to manage authentication of information and multilevel security guarantees, with only authorized access to confidential business information.
  • Administration and security – CVS provides for flexible management of user permissions and levels of access to information, functionalities based on the organisational structure of your business and access policies.
  • Audit and logging – CVS enables you to audit all user actions and store  them in a log. It records and archives the history of all data changes (who, what, when, where, including all details about what has been changed).

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