Dr Kyselevskyi speaks on Cyber Security in Australia

On behalf of Intecracy International Limited (Intecracy International), Dr Oleksandr Kyselevskyi recently visited Australia.

Dr Kyselevskyi as a noted expert in Cyber Security heads an accomplished team of software engineers, with expert knowledge and a 20-year track record of solution provision in IT industry.

Dr Kyselevskyi is also an Advisor to the Board of Intecracy International.

Intecracy International is in a unique position to offer clients real value in rapid, high quality and affordable business IT solutions, using the latest in cutting edge technologies.

Cyber Security is one of the services of Intecracy International, which is actively involved in the implementation of programs to enhance cyber security.
During his visit to Sydney Dr Kyselevskyi gave a series of successful presentations and seminars on Cyber Security at University of Western Sydney, Sydney University, Strathfield Municipal Council and the University of Technology.

Dr Kyselevskyi also visited the nation’s capital, Canberra, where he was guest speaker at the Australian Centre for Cyber Security (ACCS), a centre of excellence for research and teaching.

ACCS Professor Greg Austin welcomed Dr Kyselevskyi and highlighted several particular points of interest for Australia, including the current cyber environment. He highlighted the need for collaborative action in combating the threat of cyber crime.

Dr Kyselevskyi spoke to a highly specialised audience of experts in the fields of information technology and international security.

Providing an in-depth analysis of both theoretical aspects of international cyber security and the practical realities, Dr Kyselevskyi pointed out that cyberspace in itself is not a national space as it is shared by all countries simultaneously and yet cybersecurity is an integral part of a nation’s security because it supports the functioning of the state and its society, economy and innovation.

This ACCS Canberra seminar was attended by specialists from the Australian Defence Force headquarters and several UNSW researchers. Also amongst those listening were members of the Australian Federal Police and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Questions from the audience touched upon the efficacy of “offensive cyber protection”; the human psychology of IT usage and hacking; and financial factors in cyber attack and defence.

After the seminar, a working lunch was held at the National Press Club of Australia. Joining Dr Kyselevskyi was a select group of specialists: Director-level personnel in the Department of Prime Minster and Cabinet and several University researchers, including those with cyber-business interests.

Intecracy International (http://intecracy.com.au) has now been established in Australia as a business.

Intecracy International provides expert IT services and products, high quality software solutions, software testing and development based platforms as well as cyber security expertise.

Based in Sydney, Intecracy International also provides an accelerator lab to fast-track the commercialisation of innovative ideas, product offerings and consulting services.
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