Pavel Mashlyakovskyi

Pavel Mashlyakovskyi

Pavel Mashlyakovskyi is UnityBase®Next Architect. He has more then 25+ years of extensive experience as a developer and more then 12+ year as system architect. Pavel has wide experience of developing enterprise level software solutions for different industries: financial applications (budgeting, accounting products), GPS tracking systems, asset management systems, document management and record management systems and solutions.

As businesses grow and expand, they need to integrate older legacy systems with new technologies. This is one of the most difficult challenges CIOs face today. Legacy systems are usually old, technologically inflexible, and obsolete. It is often difficult to integrate them with new cloud and web-based services. Yet they are still substantially utilized for critical business processes. They may remain within the enterprise for various reasons:

UnityBase®Next is a low-code platform that it helps business to become Digital, enabling more rapid, iteractive and collaborative development. Businesses need a faster way to applications and solution go live—and low-code development platforms respond to this demand. 


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